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Some Information about us

Interesting information

  • The future is already here.
  • Our logo concisely represents our model: the grey F represents the hard skills, the inverted orange F represents the soft skills, and the red square in the middle is the suitable manager who combines both these types of skills.
  • To learn about both the thought and operation processes of the candidates, we employ a unique, unconventional tool that enables us to better evaluate their ability to safely navigate the ship (i.e., the company) in the turbulent, fast-flowing waters of the 21st century.

Conventional Information

  • The process is personally adapted to each client’s specific needs.
  • We possess in-depth knowledge of the private, public, and governmental sectors of the Israeli market within a large range of domains, including consumer goods, services, industry, and high tech.
  • We maintain personal contact with our candidates, some of whom we have been in touch with for many years.
  • Yael Miron left Pilat – previously a publicly traded company – after 17 years to establish Futuring in 2012. Whilst at Pilat, acknowledged as one of the largest leading human resource companies, she accumulated considerable experience in placing executive managers. In recent years she managed the Executive Placement Division, working on placement of general managers and serving as a consultant to management in various companies
  • In light of the importance and influence of those placed at the top of the pyramid, and against the background of constant changes in successful global business practice, Yael investigated the possibilities of a new management comprehension. From the conclusions reached through this way of thinking, we offer you an insight that is always intertwined with your individual situation and requirements.