About Us

futuring specializes in locating tomorrow’s CEOs and executive managers. In today’s business world, characterized by frequent change, what used to be considered a good manager is no longer suitable criteria. futuring matches each organization with a manager who possesses the ideal combination of soft skills and hard skills essential to meet the challenges of tomorrow: managers who will promote the organization and maximize its chance to succeed.

We Believe

  • Leaders are empowered by being aware of their environment and empowering their subordinates. Extreme charisma is not necessary.
  • One needs to be able to adapt to changes and adopt innovation (in other words, competition is actually motivating, not threatening).
  • The future managers appreciate their own as well as theirs subordinates’ leisure time.
  • Tactics can never replace strategy (unless one likes skydiving…).
  • The term "entrepreneur" cannot be associated only with start-ups. Each organization needs managers that have some Larry Page and Sergey Brin in them (a hint for whoever does not know who they are: search in Google…).